BBT Prepares Relocation Land for Residents Affected by IKN Supporting Projects

BBT Prepares Relocation Land for Residents Affected by IKN Supporting Projects

Image: BBT Prepares Relocation Land for Residents Affected by IKN Supporting Projects

BBT Prepares Relocation Land for Residents Affected by IKN Supporting Projects

Jakarta, 12 January 2024 – The Land Bank Authority has conducted outreach on Agrarian Reform (RA) to communities affected by the Very Very Important Person (VVIP) Airport and toll road construction projects in Penajam Paser Utara (PPU), East Kalimantan, on 10-11 January 2024.

The Land Bank Agency has prepared 400 hectares of land for the relocation of residents affected by the construction of IKN supporting infrastructure. The areas affected by the construction of the VVIP IKN Airport and toll roads are Maridan, Gersik and Lango Beach sub-districts.

“From the start, the Land Bank Agency has been committed to fully supporting the construction of the VVIP IKN Airport. However, we also think about the affected communities. “Therefore, we are preparing relocation for them,” said Head of the Land Bank Agency, Parman Nataatmadja in his official statement, Friday (12/1/2024).

This relocation is part of the Agrarian Reform program carried out by the Land Bank Agency covering an area of 1,883 Hectares (Ha). The Land Bank is responsible for preparing the land, but the authority to determine the entitled residents and distribute the land is the Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) under the control of the local regional head.

Residents receiving replacement land whose land ownership documents have been recorded and also verified by the sub-district and sub-district will be re-verified by GTRA.

“Agrarian reform not only provides legal certainty to the community, but also improves welfare so that benefits can be achieved in the form of prosperity for the community itself.” said Parman.

PPU Project Leader, Syafran Zamzani added, the Land Bank Agency not only prepares relocation land for people who are entitled to it, but also road access for the community.

“The cultivated land of the relocated community already has access to its assets. “Of course this will provide benefits to the value of their land,” said Syafran.

Syafran hopes that the data verification and validation process when determining subjects by GTRA can be accelerated immediately, so that the relocation process can be carried out.

Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of PPU, Makmur Marbun, said that regional government (Pemda) plays an important role in making government programs a success, especially in development.

“But I also don’t want to sacrifice society. “I and the team are looking for the best for you and your mother, for our common interests too,” he said.

Marbun said that the construction of IKN and its supporting infrastructure had a very positive impact on society. Marbun gave an example, the community will experience a significant increase in land values from development in IKN.

“For example, if you have 500 meters of land in an area near IKN supporting infrastructure, in the next few years, the price of 100 meters of land could exceed the price of 500 meters of land,” he said.

Second, the community will also enjoy national and international standard social facilities. “Previously, parents had to spend extra money to send their children to school far abroad, this is no longer necessary,” he said.

The final benefit, continued Marbun, is that the community will also experience better public facilities.

Marbun also emphasized that the Development of the Archipelago Capital City (IKN) is not for certain groups, but also for the entire community, especially at PPU.

“IKN was built not for IKN people, but also for the people at PPU. Therefore we must support it. Many provinces are asking for new capital cities to be located in their provinces. “But the President chose here (PPU),” he concluded.

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