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As regulated in Article 3 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation Number 64 of 2021 concerning Land Bank Agencies (“PP 64/2021”). The Land Bank has functions, including:

  1. Planning;
  2. Land acquisition;
  3. Land procurement;
  4. Land management;
  5. Utilization of land; And
  6. Land distribution.


Furthermore, in order to support the functioning of the Land Bank, the Land Bank has duties as regulated in Article 3 paragraph (2) PP 64/2021 as follows:

  1. Carry out long-term, medium-term and annual activity planning;
  2. Carry out land acquisition that can be sourced from government and other parties’ determinations;
  3. Carry out land acquisition for development in the public interest or direct land acquisition;
  4. Carry out land management from development activities, maintenance and security, and land control;
  5. Carry out land utilization through utilization cooperation with other parties; And
  6. Carry out land distribution by carrying out land provision and distribution activities.
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