The Land Bank Authority based on PP Number 2021 is a special agency (sui generis) which is a legal entity in Indonesia formed by the central government which is given special authority to manage land. The Land Bank Authority is not the same as other banks which have products such as savings, credit or deposits.
The Committee is tasked with establishing strategic policies for the Land Bank Authority. We are also responsible to the President of the Republic of Indonesia through a committee. The Land Bank Authority committee consists of the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of PUPR.
Prospective partners/investors can submit an official request in the form of a cooperation request or can contact the contact listed on the utilization channel.
The Land Bank Agency exists to complement the state's role as land manager. Meanwhile, the Ministry of ATR/BPN carries out its functions as land administrator and land regulator. The Minister of ATR/BPN is also the Chair of the Committee of the Land Bank Agency.

The Land Bank Authority's land acquisition comes from land determined by the government and/or land from other parties.

The government determination in question is:
a. ex-rights land;
b. abandoned areas and land;
c. forest area release land;
d. emerging land;
e. reclaimed land;
f. ex-mining land;
g. land of small islands;
h. land affected by spatial planning change policies;
i. land over which there is no control.

Meanwhile, land from other parties as intended is:
a. Central government;
b. Local government;
c. state-owned enterprises;
d. regional owned enterprises;
e. business entity;
f. legal entity; And
g. public.

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