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Message from the Head of the Authority

This Land Bank Authority was formed by the central government as a special authority that was given special authority to manage land. The land we manage must of course be used as well as possible for the community and the country. We want this Land Bank to be able to make a big contribution to creating a just economy through optimizing the management of the land assets we own.

Overview of the Land Bank Authority

The Land Bank Authority is a special authority (sui generis) which is an Indonesian Legal Entity formed by the Central Government which is given special authority to manage State land.


The aim of establishing the Land Bank Authority is to guarantee the availability of land within the framework of a just economy, to:

1. Public Interest;
2. Social Interests;
3. National Development Interests;
4. Economic Equity;
5. Land Consolidation; And
6. Agrarian Reform.

Sekilas Badan Bank Tanah

Badan Bank Tanah adalah badan khusus (sui generis) yang merupakan Badan Hukum Indonesia yang dibentuk oleh Pemerintah Pusat yang diberi kewenangan khusus untuk mengelola tanah Negara.


Tujuan didirikannya Badan Bank Tanah adalah untuk untuk menjamin ketersediaan tanah dalam rangka ekonomi berkeadilan, untuk:
1. Kepentingan Umum;
2. Kepentingan Sosial;
3. Kepentingan Pembangunan Nasional;
4. Pemerataan Ekonomi;
5. Konsolidasi Lahan; dan
6. Reforma Agraria.

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