Utilization & Business Cooperation


Formal request from potential partners/investors:

  1. Requests for cooperation are commercial in nature
  2. Distribution requests for non-commercial purposes

Incoming requests to the Land Bank Agency:

  1. Analysis of incoming requests is carried out
  2. Negotiation process
  3. MoU on Land Use Cooperation

Commercial Use:

  • Types of cooperation: Buying and selling, business cooperation, rental
  • Providing certainty of rights to use the location for investors
  1. Cooperation rates apply
  2. Granted HGU or HGB above the HPL of the Land Bank Agency

    HGU: 1 Cycle = 95 years (35 years, 25 years and 35 years)

    HGB: 1 Cycle = 80 years (30 years, 20 years, 30 years)

  3. Carried out with a cooperation contract


  • Social interests: Construction of places of worship, construction of sports fields, etc
  • Agrarian Reform
  1. Usage Rights
  2. HPL release
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